Come Away, Rest A While Covering of Precious Blood IV

Ratio (active part of learning active in the mind) and intellectus (passive reception, activity of the soul) simultaneously

Intellectus, reception within the soul, is what Elijah and Jesus offered to disciples.

Can we hear the grit in the gears contemplating these two ideas? Especially after the destruction of a war. The over valuing of hard work colors our notion love.

Thomas Aquinas (TA), “The essence of virtue consists in the good rather than the difficult.”[1]

Very different than the notion that hard work is good.

Loving our enemies is not good because it is difficult. Rather the greater one loves, the easier it is to forgive. TA

Christian conception of sacrifice is not qua suffering (toil) but with the fullness of happiness and salvation.  Jesus’ joy resides in us.

Via Dolorosa is not the end, suffering for sake of joy.

To learn music, learning scales is drudgery. Do scales hours of practice to produce music. The suffering for the good produces joy.

Paul knowledge of his won suffering, 100% honest, I have suffered fought good fight, know have the reward. Same the one who practiced scales, all the work needed, to be able to sit and enjoy the fruits of my labor. Our Lord does not make us suffer for suffering’s sake.

John 15:11

These things I have spoken to you so that My joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.


This is pure gift. Not earned or worked for by us. Not discursive, not work on our part. It is a receptive posture which leisure is fundamental.

Masculine to be active, feminine to be receptive. Active & passive modes. Permits us to know God in intimate manner, more than angels as that man can cooperate with co-creating persons.

Summer read Mortimer Adler’s Angels and Us

Good father gives son gives raw materials to build. Building, creating, work for the telos Sunday rest in God. Building end is for joy.

[1] Summa Theologicae, II-II, 123, 12 ad 2