Confirmation Pre Constantine Be Sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit VII

  1. Practical Application- Fr. Chad Rippenger Deliverance Prayers by the Laity or Spiritual Warfare Prayers, Valentine Publishing House Denver, CO.

NB the use of I in command, not begging or pleading from God.

Prayer to Take Authority

  • one can include all the EVIL powers and forces in the air….

Secular power so little power, weakness of the enemy. Invoke His Name.

Fear & Unforgiveness, no sin.

  1. Exhortation, from Thomas Aquinas, see what is missed if we stop at Constantine?

Confirmation can be conferred only on those who have already been baptized and have not yet been confirmed. As St. Thomas says: “Confirmation is to baptism what growth is to generation. Now it is clear that a man cannot advance to a perfect age unless he has first been born; in like manner, unless he has first been baptized he cannot receive the Sacrament of Confirmation” (Summ. Th., III, Q. lxxii, a. 6).[1]

Growth is to generation. We can all learn about this great gift especially if catechesis was poor. Completion engage spiritual battle in natural world. World is suffering for lack of this sacraments worth.


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