Cultivating a Catholic Marriage I

Today and for next few episodes talk about how we have implemented various techniques with a special guest Julie Alexander.

  1. Review of past two shows-

Definition 4 F’s & a T

Impossible without grace

Oaths & Covenant grace supplied

Examples: Anne & Joachim, Mary & Joseph, Monica & Patricius, Thomas More & Jane Colt, Louis & Zelie Martin, Gianna & Pietro Molla

Critical Condition is where we are at. Did not arrive it overnight. Often people do not know what a Catholic Marriage is.

More lack towards marriage understanding.

Married saints, Julie’s parents incredible marriage, meeting husband, how can I attain that? Not possible.

Final battle is between God & Satan over marriage, disintegration of family.

Aristotle dictum: We all want happiness. In these series of episodes, Sara, Julie and I will discuss how to set our telos for happiness (eudaimonia state of being that is in good spirits; living well doing well in the pursuit of happiness) within the context of a Catholic Marriage.

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