Cultivating a Catholic Marriage II


Somehow a Catholic Marriage did not percolate down to our contemporaries.

30 years married 1987, dated in senior year of high school married after college. Youngest of 10, gave me most insight. Unfortunately see situations not good, learn from, see some very successful.

Parents married 37 yrs, father passed away before high school Graduation.

Recipient of their best years of marriage, missed the struggles of an early marriage.

Greg similar see how his parents’ working and aunts & uncles not. Compare and contrast.

Love of own parents and Greg parents, lived witness


Parents were great witness, did not know parents of divorce. Greg’s parents divorced as a young adult, effects regardless of age.

Church did on Sunday, did not own it, led to many trials, and almost divorced.

Priest teacher of the Faith asked Greg & Julie 3 questions

  1. What is God’s plan for marriage?
  2. What does our Church teach about the Sacrament of Marriage?
  3. What are some of the writings of St. Paul and the various holy fathers pertaining to marriage?

Greg went home found the answers to these questions, and whole entire married life transformed.

Finding the teaching of the Church following them and doing them to the best of our ability that they could has us at 35 yrs of marriage 1987, 7 children, 5+ grandchildren fruit.

Plant seed, water it, that God gives us, we yield amazing fruit & harvest.

So many things we stopped, transformed Julie