Cultivating a Catholic Marriage IV

  1. NB I have set through many a seminar, lecture, talk, conference, etc… We will share what has worked for us, sometimes for a season, sometimes as an ongoing habit. Chew the meat, spit out the bones. If it works for your marriage, great, if not put it aside. Not every good idea can benefit all couples, at all times, in all places. Use discernment.

III. Julie Alexander give short bio of herself and The Alexander House Apostolate

  1. Karen & Ted’s Journey

– Engaged Encounter 42 yrs ago, as part of our Marriage Prep for St. Mary’s Student Center in College Station, TX

“Great marriages do not just happen, they take work. Either working on divorce or working on marriage.” Ted & I were very young and believed these statements.

25+yr married couple holding hands and looking in love (I want that)

– Went on Marriage Encounter Weekend even though we had been married less than 2 years. From this weekend and expanded through monthly meetings with other good couples we learned a variety of communication techniques especially dialogue 10/10, importance of prayer, putting our marriage first when it would have been very easy to put it last going through college and graduate school with children. We also found small faith communities that helped us to learn and grow. We attended ME in every location where we have lived with less attachment in our later years.

In different cities, we found other ways of learning and growing. Teams of Our Lady, Dessert Group. In San Antonio, we tried ME and Covenant of Love small groups. We have been more involved in leading and advising in various organizations as a couple. This volunteering has substituted for our small marriage/faith-based groups.

Volunteered with Marriage Prep. We thought the best way to learn something is to teach it, in this case Catholic Marriage.

A bit of the culture. Can’t make people come, can fail to invite. Early venues, someone invited and created a place. People emerging a cocoons, looking for a flower to land on.

Synod facsimile, artificial substitute for real communication, not true fruit of the Spirit, Evoke something not authentically there.

Smallness, David, Satan overlooks.

Church served blended meat, wanted primary sources of meat. Small groups of studying perennial teachings.

Mothers were told you can do all things at all times. Marriage about own personal fulfillment