Cultivating a Catholic Marriage V

Young wife trying to conceive, what I bought into women can do so much run the world, make money, then at same time perfect mother, cook, cleaner

Usurping role as husband’s as leader. Women latch on, white knuckle. My own experience competition in marriage instead of a companion. There is a battle but not against each other. You are to fight against the world.

Songs I woman hear me roar, devaluing women, demasculinized men. Satan’s ploy destroying very fabric.

Everyone else responsible, point fingers, not take responsibility.

An observation, when wife leaves the home, divorce within several years, as a competition is set up in the home.

How many friends get divorced after 20 years?

Church does not articulate the various stages in instructing more active to contemplative life.

Children leave the nest, doubly important accompany with them prayers.

Majority 5,000 couples been to family, friends, Church move on. You are the only who told us our marriage has hopes.

Not only young couples but families but affirm those married.

Failure belief in grace, no belief in efficacious of grace. Just window dressing for pictures.

Vows not just words uttered and would bring about something profound in their lives.

Somehow return to that grace is real and tangible. He longs to intervene and give grace.

Something palpable for hearts gone astray.