Cultivating a Catholic Marriage VI

Did not access confession before the wedding day, would I have listened? Give the invitation would that had made a huge difference.

There was a lack of invitation to do what is right. God of miracles.

Nothing by chance, God can and will create a miracle today if He is asked. God is fully committed go to work in prayer and faith.

Miracle after miracle. I can do all things. God forgives with a contrite heart. Better than before. He has the best plan.

O happy fault, Our Lord is resurrections, regenerative, hope is always available.

Those who have been blessed through hard knocks or observation, help the young people/

Help increased renewal that grace is tangible.

Latter ages of marriage give way to a more contemplative expression. Rosary & coffee.

Ora et laborare phase Benedictine phase now Carmelite mysticism.

Parallelism with marriage and great orders. Francians spirituality. Dominicans teaching elements.

Mothers’ life corporal works of mercy. Raises son of widow of Naim. Love of His Mother gives grace to others. Being surrounded by those just ahead in the marriage journey.

Don’t have visual element of the orders, to make parallel for the children we live those spirituality seed planted in the home.