Cultivating a Catholic Marriage VII

Different orders, in essence domestic Church not in the uber holy like the nun pray all of the time, every moment doing dishes, changing diapers, making dinner, explained the life of my parents.

Conference to beautiful nuns, when they eat skull on the table. Dad had coffin made by CO nuns, Benedictine medal, hand rope, in their front door. Crucifix & coffin remembrance of what it is all about.

DMC, rosary, night prayers, living their lives as religious.

Don’t know what we owe to them. Pain of dad with dementia, mom recovering from cancer.

Victim soul. Only concern for family, neighbors are the souls ready to meet the Lord.

Victim soul= taking on the pain suffering of others, almost intercessory for those don’t know any better. Suffering not for his own but for others.

God’s mercy we can bear one another’s burden. We are a family. Angels come individually, each own species, concrete decision to serve.

Profound beauty to share or carry another. He ain’t heavy he is my brother. Tenderest mercies.

We all know fall short of the glory. We abide in their grace.

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