Daily Mental Prayer & Liturgy of the Hours: Episode 8


Christ, The Church, Liturgy of the Hours space & Time, Rosary SS on beads, ways to study Scripture

Daily Mental Prayer, large family, husband, how do we do this

Benedictine ora et labora

True sign Lord had for His BVM, corporal & spiritual works of mercy resume of mothers

Not contemplative nuns in a school, mothers, live our vocations in a spirit of prayer

My work can be my prayer, Catholic, personal moment of quiet reflection, Reading of the hours, hour of the day, read all of the prayers

Not in 60 minutes, 10 minutes in morning, night, and rest scattered through the day, cover a lot, psalms/ song, play over like a chorus

Benedictine nuns listen to Liturgy of the Hours the beautiful music soaring

Different spiritual practices though the years, Ted reads at breakfast, small discuss, Fr. Jacques Philippe spiritual master, imminently simple, fluently to the modern heart, paints pictures with words

Resource Time for God by Fr. Jacques Philippe

Liturgy of the Words, 5 minutes won’t cut it, McDonalds hamburger, not starving

Fr. Philippe 15 min, Morning & evening prayer, rosary same time frame

Last 5 minutes is most the fruitful

Does not condescend, does not water down theology, apt way to speak gentle truths to the soul, grace for the Church at this moment in need of clarity in time of confusion

Interior Freedom and the Bible, knowing that we are free beings, to choose life, the good then we will live

Personal Daily Mass, time for reflection, Stella Maris La Jolla, go early spend time in adoration, surprised no other mothers, early before carpool, prayer space, early in the morning rosary with coffee

Fruit of long years of marriage, coming into bloom

Young moms, Lord loves mothers call whole vocation is life of Christian vocation. She was the one, premier disciple. Do whatever He says, clothing naked, feeding the hungry, etc… Do with generosity and moderation this might be your prayer time.

How many rosaries guardian angel finished while rocking a baby to sleep. Our Father, Memorare, Sign of the Cross unite wife and husband together. Small and sustainable.

Greg & Julie Alexander husband Our Father, wife Hail Mary each think for the blessing they were to them that day. Going to sleep with love and gratitude expressed.

Every morning 3 am, wake up, after asking the Lord for time. Be careful what one asks for, the Lord will answer.