Education or Indoctrination? Pursuit of Truth II

III. Indoctrination= in Latin prefix which could mean not against + doctrinaire, doctrina to teach[1]

Doctrine: late 14c., “the body of principles, dogmas, etc., in a religion or field of knowledge,” from Old French doctrine (12c.) “teaching, doctrine” and directly from Latin doctrina “a teaching, body of teachings, learning, from doctor” teacher” (see doctor (n.)) + -ina, fem. of -inus, suffix forming fem. abstract nouns (see -ine (1)).

The notion is “whatever is taught or laid down as true by a master or instructor,” hence “any set of principles held as true.”

So the pivot point is the understanding of Truth, as Pontius Pilate correctly stated, “What is Truth.”

(Scott Adams: Teach Me How To Recognize The Good COVID Data To Avoid The Same Mistake ) article on “unvaxxed win” posted under addendum

Skewed question presumes we had a formulaic path. Follow formulaic path understand what is education and indoctrination. Socrates, “the unexamined life not worth living.” Too many people want to reach easiest outcome with least amount of work.Education is a climb, an effort. No easy route.

Eve wanted to good & evil with out effort. Just eat the fruit.

Key difference, effort required into the subject.

The data came to me for my research, Gov Abbott calling pandemic, Bexar County deaths, all mortality. Flu deaths as well. That data persuaded is personal. Not one data to mind, body of teaching.

Ockham’s Razor fundamental tennet, flavor of coffee, how to get to go to Akron. Simple is right one.

Not suitable for truth, good, sacrifice, sin simplest answer not the correct one.

Ease to grocery store without mask, others games be ended.

Innate need to trust authority. In a fallen world, only authority is Divine Authority, need to have a modicum of skepticism for worldly. Agonizing decision for those during that time.

No easy formulaic approach.

[1]   accessed Jan 24, 2023