Education or Indoctrination? Pursuit of Truth VI

Objective ethics is rooted in creation metaphysics, hylomorphic anthropology, and a realistic epistemology. The object, not the subject, determines the rightness or wrongness of something. Objective ethics is one of accountability and accuracy. A subjective ethics is one where a person is not responsible for their acts. An objective accounting of ethics might have extenuating circumstances for acting but it does not fully dismiss the person from the responsibility of knowing what is true or good. The object, the other person, by the subject, me, sets what I should do. Should I lie? It might be advantageous for me to do so, but other people are owed the truth. It is good for the other person, and ultimately for me as well, to tell the truth. Abortion kills an innocent human person. The object of the act is the unborn person, and thus sheds light on the morality of the choice.

Relativism by contrast is that anything goes because good or bad is set by the subject. It is an interior measure not an exterior one. The subject decides the ethics. Subjectivism goes even further in that all that anyone knows is what is good for them. One cannot get to the other person because of one’s own consciousness. Conventionalism is the philosophy that the culture sets the ethics. It is how we have always done something, and so society should always do it this way.

With our destination to truth before us, four guideposts to illuminate our journey, and in the company of friends of goodwill, let us consider the major philosophies and see what we might glean from them. It is an arduous and perilous task but the reward, making sense of our world in general and our lives in particular, makes the cost worthwhile.

posted Feb 8, 2018

People negate importance of the body or pleasure the body minimize the soul. Want the cake and eat it too. Want to be treated as an object, but when they act want to be the subject.

Ethics, need of the other, a binding element of our own tendency to hedonism. The other restrains ourselves. Take what give them but not ascent what is being proposed.

Practical Applications

VII. Education Setting, curriculum as parents’ review the curriculum of their children, which is their right and duty, it is imperative that the children receive an education. Indoctrination is very hard to remove later in life.

Desire for free, national education department absurdity, succeeded everyone live by most liberal and radical elements.

Parents saw what passed for education of their children.

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