Francis de Sales A Man for Our Times II

  • – dedicates himself to theological study then takes the learning to poorest of the poor and those disposed to hate the catholic faith. Worked carefully with them.
  • – 4yrs later made a bishop, quiet life after this
  • FdS noted for simplicity of his life, didn’t have many servants, simple table, generous to poor.
  • FdS As the love of God contains within itself every perfection of every virtue and more excellently than the virtues themselves, so also it is the sovereign antidote against every kind of vice.
  • 3 Virtues First Stated in Devout Life

He puts patience, humility meekness, everyday virtues, little steps little flowers in the garden build up life of charity in our souls

No Therese without a Francis de Sales, Introduction to devout Life assumed into legitimate Catholic thought. Underpinnings of French and preserve her from errors of Germany & England. Her own errors, riff down the center.

  • A century after Reformation 1600’s
  • – Europe unsettled
  • – divided into warring factions
  • – whole countries divided amongst themselves, 2 Frances, 2 Englands, 2 Germanys
  • – difficult figure out to be Xn in this setting
  • – some follow Montaigne’s path construct domesticated Xnty

– others follow FdS rededicate themselves to a glorious adventure of grace

>>This is the state of many Catholic today and why it is worthwhile to study FdS

Aslan, is he tame. No but he is good.

Domesticated Christianity, Gospel of Nice as opposed to kindness and benignity. Evil is when an evil man does evil not contrary to is nature. Montaigne had these natural abilities not to the service of the church but his own abilities.

  1. FdS Bio

lived all 4 virtues + 3 heroically, declares

taught something, written form for everyone, goes to heart of gospel

>> doctor church

1997, JPII taught heart of the Gospel, center of JC teach us


  1. saint
  2. for everyone for all time

Calvin preceding from a faulty premise, wrong in essence about God. Accept premise, accept the end.

Church back foot with new technology. Late to the game using new technology.

Luther & Calvin far more industrious and printing press, the rumor goes before the truth. Truth has to catch up and correct.

Lie had been spread before him. Augustine Manichean spread before them

Grace, humor, good nature help people back to truth. Very arduous task. Easier to fill a blank page rather than insert words once but down.