Francis de Sales A Man for Our Times IV

Private & Community Prayer[1]

  • Community Prayer, Mass, better
  • public offices to private acts always to be preferred
  • common better than private good
  1. edified
  2. part of community
  3. sincere desire for God’s glory
  4. general good of all men

Trinity, not solitary, prayer

FdS recognized tragic inherent tendencies of core teachings of Protestantism, rugged individualism, come to God on their won. Person who believes can interpret SS on his own, seek forgiveness on his own, becomes a man alone. Sola Scriptura inherent dangers.

Sorrowful, FdS noted. Not saying personal prayer is defective. We area both/and. Not that it is defective but that we get more beauty in one goodness than another goodness.

One is the life blood of the other. Vein and arteries. Circulatory system recognizable.

Church are is the heart and her teachings which nourishes private prayer.

Spiritual Director

            An invaluable aid to a regular prayer life marked by contemplation is having a spiritual director. He or she is an objective resource for the soul. This person can suggest ideas to consider on the sometimes-winding journey to/with God. A spiritual director should be sought out with extreme diligence and cherished once found. A long-term relationship is advantageous in the personal application of discerning God’s will.

FdS it was possible to be Christian without one but not devout.

TA took a vow in following SD in obedience- action & obedience

Spiritual director (SD) for a devout life?

for a devout life >>SD

Xn life do not need SD life

Person who trusts JC

  • SD FdS advise in picking one
  • >>
  • base requirement
  • charity, knowledge, prudence (2 Tim 1:6-8 self-control is same as prudence in this text)
  1. love of God extraordinary focus on the telos
  2. listen to HS and what HS wants in your life, charity, prudence, experience

Harm to ourselves so few laborers. So many people predisposed after the horrible number of years, hearts are sorrowful, all sorts of mutilations, ready to hear the Word. So few who are able to spread it.

Those by God’s grace close to God’s grace, so few to take us to make the next level because they have not done the hard work.

Begging the Lord. I want to be devout, help me to find a SD.

[1]  Francis de Sales, 57