Francis de Sales A Man for Our Times VI

2 Common Attacks Purity & Doctrine

  • if will says no, no sin, not feel detestation, even if totally disturbed
  • Martin Luther always sinning because feeling was a sin, drive crazy
  • do not take delight say NO and don’t look back
  • Ignatius enemy attacks fantasies of temptation
  • review it after the heat of the battle is over, at night examination
  • impure thoughts, say no, rest head on bosom of JC[1]
  • divert thoughts, think something pure, SD, do not engage the enemy[2]
  • always RUN from these 2 attacks
  • impurity body
  • against the faith attack on mind can’t argue with the devil
  • the more you learn existence of God, must not talk, listen to the devil
  • figure it out later
  • guardian angel helps you to run

Pure the soul, easier the embrace of doctrine, those things handed on by Christ. They see God, see clearly, essence of doctrine.

More sins of the flesh, harder doctrine becomes, constant stumbling block to own satisfaction.

Live in vapidity of pleasure, juvenile. Can’t reason with a two year old. Same level intellectual infancy can’t get beyond. Impurity of the flesh primary key to be settled in doctrine.

Anxiety & Sorrow

  • pg 172 greatest evil to soul, after sin, don’t trust God to take care of things
  • anxiety pg 173 want or don’t want something inordinate desire (free of troubles or want something) lose peace, can’t hear HS

Praying in Latin

mom is Latin/Italian

mother language of church

God choose Latin

unites us to 2000 yrs of history

language reveals the mind of the speaker

translator always has possibility changes original meaning

Reading universal ability is new in our culture. Faith does not come by reading. Onus is on preaching of priest. Faith comes by hearing.

Jesus does not tell people to read, not one place. Educated person’s excuse to not share the Gospel.

If our faith depended on what the individual understood from scripture, God help that person.

Holy Spirit not the Bible leads to all truth.

Arrogance in modernism.

[1] De Sales 101

[2] De Sales 168