Francis de Sales A Man for Our Times VII

Dante, language and how we engage with it.

Priest come into through the Ordinariate, Episcopalian in America, God’s mercy Rome, Pope is pivotal to maintaining truth.

Arrogance in modernism believes that we are strong enough to hold the truths of the faith in what sara calls an infant language

English or Modern French infants in comparison to Greek, Hebrew, Latin. Language grows up until it dies. Weight of the mass or doctrine until it dies.

Yoked to a perpetual changing language.

why poverty chastity obedience

3 principal means of attaining charity.

pertains 3 parts of us

  • obedience: will God
  • chastity: body us
  • poverty: material serve others
  • giving spiritual & material part (what is you and what is yours)
  • to love pour out oneself, will


All love is not friendship…Friendship implies mutual love.

Friendship is the most dangerous of communication because it is hardly possible to be closely bound by its [mental communication] ties without sharing in its qualities.

Friendship varies according to these communications, and they vary according to that which people have to communicate. If men share false and vain things, their friendship will be false and vain; if that which is good and true, their friendship will be good and true.

(111) In the world those who aim at the devout life require to be united one with another by a holy friendship, which excites, stimulates, and encourages them in well doing.

If your intercourse is based on science it is praiseworthy, still more if it arises from a participation in goodness, prudence, justice and the like; but if the bond of your mutual liking be charity, devotion, and Christian perfection, God knows how very precious a friendship it is!

(112) Worldly friendship [false friendship] is profuse in honeyed words, passionate endearments, commendations of beauty and sensual charms. True friendships speaks a simple honest language, praising nothing but the grace of God, its one and only foundation.

Counterfeit of friendship being offered in society, separated from the body. Internet, triteness of friending someone. Taken a noun and made it into a verb.

Consumerism commercialized someone. Someone who is to challenge us to be a saint, made into a verb.

Utility and commodities. Bond of friendship based on charity and devotion only gives glory to God. Source of reference is to the gift giver. No depth of friendship, lost anthropology.

Don’t know who the other is. Don’t know who is God is, and what love is.

In Garden of Graces, we will cultivate a Catholic Culture it is meet and right so to do. Peter: where else are we to go.

Devotion requires relationship. Theresian, look Teresa of Avila, John of Cross, in lap of Our Father, He knows our frailties.


  1. What are obedience, chastity, and poverty?

(96) Love alone leads to perfection, but the three chief means for acquiring it are obedience, chastity, and poverty. Obedience is a consecration of the heart, chastity of the body, and poverty of all worldly goods to the love and service of God. These are the three members of the spiritual cross, and all three must be raised upon the fourth, which is humility.

(97)There are two kinds of Obedience, necessary and voluntary.

Necessary obedience because no one can free himself firm the duty of obeying these superiors [ecclesiastical, civil, domestic].

Voluntary obedience is such as we undertake by our own choice, and which is not imposed by others. Ex/ spiritual director or confessor. Seek to be directed in your religious exercises by your spiritual father.

(98) Human purity is chastity. Purity in an intact thing, its converse is corruption. Its special glory is in the spotless whiteness of soul and body.

(101) He is poor in sprit (poverty) whose heart is not filled with the love of riches, whose mind is not set upon them.

(101) Do not let the mind that is the likeness of God cling to mere earthly goods; let it always be raised above them, not sunk in them.[2]

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