Girl Power Heaven Sent Help I

I Several sources used but the main is The World of Marian Apparitions

Basic Overview

Author Wincenty Laszewski

Publisher Sophia Press, 2021

Marian apparitions generally contain 4 elements: visionary, experience, message, miracles (healing & faith/conversions)

Private Revelation, not binding on the faithful to believe. Local bishop in cooperation with papal experts that investigates

Why Mary? To make her loved as Jesus loved His Mother. Her messages are always of prayer and conversion to her Son. NB Jesus always directed his followers to the love of the Father. Sermon on the Mount is about restoring our relationship to the Father which sin had severed.

Trinity had concept to grasp for early Church. Not polytheism. Took centuries and language, heresies refined the language.

Goddesses were worshipped. Church needed maturity of language to honor Our Lady without worshipping her.

Not new concept just a greater understanding. Inherent to her person.

Marian apparitions one the most beautiful gifts given to us by grace and least understood.

Hardest to articulate to an unbeliever. Refuse to ascent.

Issue for justice for women in the Church. God chose to create humans in the form male & female. Our Lady perfection of human woman. Christ perfection of man, dual God-Man.

She was capable to live this life through cooperation with Holy Spirit and a perfect act of the Will.

Authentic Maternal love so she could ascent.

The love of the Mother.

Perfect justice in regards to creation, Adam & Eve both personal fault. Masculine feminine, falling of those creations. Fitting both a male and female that perfect life.

Blessed Mother pinnacle beauty of male and female bring us back to perfection within Himself.

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