Girl Power Heaven Sent Help II

II 48 Apparitions spanning Rome 1881 – Trevignano Romano 2014

III. Review of Some Past Apparitions covered

First Marian Apparition to St James the Greater in Spain while Mary living in Jerusalem (Ephesus?) 40 AD[1]

Aokpe 1992- 2004 Mediatrix of All Graces pg 372 Nigerian, 12 yr old girl, gift of tongues, English fluently, bishop received a Marian visitation (rare), visit from the Angel of Peace.

Warraq 2009 Royal Virgin of Giza pg 392

Mary has appeared in Egypt many times. Zeitoun (1968), St. Demiana in Shoubra (1986), Edfu (1992) Shentena, Al- Hagar (1997), Assiut (2001).

National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help Champion WI {Our Lady of Champion}

Our Lady of Guadalupe Mexico

Fatima Portugal

IV L’lle-Bouchard France 1947 pg 150

Ecclesial Approbation: Not officially recognized but the archbishop of tours authorized pilgrimages and public worship and made the Marian shrine a diocesan sanctuary.

Historical Setting:

Dec 8- 14, 1947; 7 series of apparitions, meeting in the church St. Gilles Church

As predicted at Fatima, Russian Communism spread errors throughout the world, including the small town of L’lle-Bouchard near Tours. 2 years after a disastrous war, WWII, the Communists had successfully infiltrated many governments and religious institutions. France’s economy was ruined, and a harsh winter destroyed crops. Inflation was rampant and stores were open have the time.

This is fertile ground for Communists. The Communist leader called for strikes and France was on the verge of a civil war. By October, things looked bleak and on schedule for the atheists.

Communism primary enemies of the church, a mimic it. Takes language of Catholic terms, should lead to supernatural, corrupts to natural help of man.

So often, Communism foothold Catholic cultures. France had a secularized government. Catholicism separate from governance. People have deep Faith and demoralized populace, WWI, WWII. France on its knees.

Morning of Dec 8, a mystic and stigmatist, Marthe Robin declared, “The Virgin Mary is going to save France by the prayers of little children.” (4 girls) Her cause for beatification has been opened.

Marthe Robin had been confined to her bed for almost 30 years due to complete paralysis, and she suffered the stigmata which is Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ. She neither ate nor drank anything, her only sustenance consisting of the Holy Eucharist which she received once a week. This amazing woman accepted her suffering with tremendous patience and was in constant prayer and intercession for the world. On December 8th, 1947, feast of the Immaculate Conception, Marthe was visited by her spiritual director, Fr. George Finet, who said Mass for her that day in her bedroom. He later commented on the sad condition of their poor country and lamented that everyone believed that France was on the verge of a collapse and would soon be placed under communism. Marthe, with great confidence, told him that there was no need to worry, France would be saved by the prayers of little children. [2]

Incredible mystic. Now sprinkled lightly through culture. Rhoda Wise stigmatist[3]

Male & female, many female saints endured the pain of the stigmata. Goodness seen in both. St. Rose of Lima crown of thorns, St. Veronica Giuliani mystical suffering of passion imprinted on her heart.

Powerful women bear the burden for Him.

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