Girl Power V

4 gifts correspond intellect (Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Knowledge), 3 the will (Fortitude, Piety, Fear of the Lord)

Young girls at tender ages, given grace by the Church, united with purity.

Cheap grace, asking for prayers for reparations, sinfulness of others. God’s justice.

Our salvation required a lot of suffering on Our Lord’s & Lady’s suffering.

How powerful are our prayers. Combination purity & piety. Radically undermined assault on children’s purity through very early age.

Mary is more mother than Queen. Therese’ though the act of kissing fingers

Month of May is a perfect time to reflect on the love Our Blessed Mother has for each one of us. She never tires searching for us, encouraging us, and always leading us to her Son. Our Lady delights (present perfect tense) in the work of the Holy Trinity in her life.

AS Christian mothers have a profound obligation and duty, too many cases surrendered to culture, the value of purity. Profound of the virtues.

Madonna in the 80s & 90s. Mocking, virginity corroded, give it away in a demeaning way.

National debt steal from children and grandchildren. Same innocence stolen before the children know what is given to them.

Prayers of children in eyes of heaven profoundly valuable.