Glimpses of the Union with God II

  1. Language is not precise as dogmatic theology.
  2. There are some articles of faith to guide us based on the Resurrected Body of our Lord
  3. Taylor Marshall does a nice job summarizing Thomas Aquinas Summa Theologia and Contra Gentiles as follows

Sacred Scripture and Catholic theology teaches that our glorified resurrected bodies will experience four properties as an outflow of the beatified soul enjoying the vision of God’s essence:

1) Impassibility – the glorified body will no longer suffer physical sickness or death, as Saint Paul teaches regarding the glorified body in 1 Corinthians 15:42, “It is sown in corruption, it shall rise in incorruption.”

2) Subtlety meaning that we will have a spiritualized nature in the sense of a spiritual body as did our Lord as we learn at 1 Corinthians 15:44: “It is sown a corruptible body, it shall rise a spiritual,” i.e. a spirit-like, “body.” We see that Christ’s glorified body was able to pass through closed doors.

3) Agility – the glorified body will obey the soul with the greatest ease and speed of movement as we read in 1 Corinthians 15:43: “It is sown in weakness, it shall rise in power,” that is, according to a gloss, “mobile and living.” Saint Thomas Aquinas says, “But mobility can only signify agility in movement. Therefore the glorified bodies will be agile.” We discern agility our Resurrected Lord’s ability to bilocate and travel great distances in an instant.

4) Clarity – the glorified body will be free from any deformity and will be filled with beauty and radiance as we read at Matthew 13:43: “The just shall shine as the sun in the kingdom of their Father,” and Wisdom 3:7: “The just shall shine, and shall run to and fro like sparks among the reeds.” Here clarity refers not being “clear” but to being “bright.”

St. Thomas Aquinas at Summa Contra Gentiles, IV, 86 summarized: “thus also will his body be raised to the characteristics of heavenly bodies — it will be lightsome (clarity), incapable of suffering (impassible), without difficulty and labor in movement (agility), and most perfectly perfected by its form (subtlety). For this reason, the Apostle speaks of the bodies of the risen as heavenly, referring not to their nature, but to their glory.”[1]


Luminosity is profoundly interesting. Physics perspective, what is light? Energy, wave, particle how is that manifested? Light moves. Travels goes through window.

Labs lasers, holograms, stunned at the marvel of single frequency light something to behold.

Human body many of those properties not a thing but a you.

God made us to know, love, and serve Him to be with Him forever.

No a vain pursuit but given over to the goodness in store for Him.

Garden, tactile, Dante heaven images of spheres. Beatrice presenting in manner of senses.

Shroud of Turin. More study of the Shroud more questions it being forth.

It appears to show a brief moments of His life coming into His Body. See the progression throughout.

Arrogance of Darwin. Thought a single cell creature was not interesting. Reproduce. More

Science under demonic attack, truth shows through, prevent it from teaching at all.

Epiphany lab, dark, green light. How can anyone think this just sprung up?

[1]  accessed August 29, 2023

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