Glimpses of the Union with God V

  1. Let’s turn to trusted Doctors of the Church who give us reliable experience

>>> Jo+ use him as a trusted guide, references to gardens, creation, creator

  1. Recall from last shows on the Dark Night of the Soul

Jo+ his family disinherited, father and brother died while young, mother struggled to provide for remaining 2 children

He took advantage of limited education and attracted a benefactor

Encountered ToA which as reformers generally do had produced hostile enemies

He was thrown into prison by his own community of 85 friars and secular forces nearly starved to death

From this suffering

19 “Faith and love will lead you along a path unknown to you, to the place where God is hidden.” Everything else gone, no one could divest him of these, and they gave him God.[1]

This union with God, as Brother Lawrence will describe, is what John of the Cross wants to convey.

Pearl of Great Price, worth everything. This is not a stoic or nirvana of self-negation philosophy

It is the conviction of Paul who realizes suffering of any sort pales in comparison to the good things of God. Paul experienced these good things. With confidence Paul says the return on investment is infinite.

Stoic suffers for suffering sake. Something can be learned from suffering.

Destruction of self, non-Christian mystics. Loss of self. Suffering to be shunned.

Not masochism but God can bring good from it.

  1. Prologue

For who can describe that which He shows to loving souls in whom He dwells? Who can set forth in words that which He makes them feel? and, lastly, who can explain that for which they long?

  1. Assuredly no one can do it; not even they themselves who experience it. That is the reason why they use figures of special comparisons and similitudes; they hide somewhat of that which they feel and in the abundance of the Spirit utter secret mysteries rather than express themselves in clear words.
  2. And if these similitudes are not received in the simplicity of a loving mind, and in the sense in which they are uttered, they will seem to be effusions of folly rather than the language of reason; as anyone may see in the divine Canticle of Solomon, and in others of the sacred books, wherein the Holy Spirit, because ordinary and common speech could not convey His meaning, uttered His mysteries in strange terms and similitudes. It follows from this, that after all that the holy doctors have said, and may say, no words of theirs can explain it; nor can words do it; and so, in general, all that is said falls far short of the meaning.[2]
  3. It is better to leave the outpourings of love in their own fullness, that everyone may apply them according to the measure of his spirit and power, than to pare them down to one particular sense which is not suited to the taste of everyone.

Another translation has according to the mode and capacity of one’s own spirit[3]

This is very true.

Ignatian Exercise, good master retreat master leave it broad so that God can talk through SS

Movies can do both good and harm with images where reading a book. Can hinder intellectual freedom enter into individual relationship with God. Love Him as you.

Abandonment to Divine Providence Jean Pierre de Caussade

Can be some harm to descriptive, vagueness both prudent and necessary

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