Holy Housewives III

  1. Date Publication 1951, reprint 1997 note reservations

Abridged 1997 edition edited to eliminate anachronisms and to correct infelicities in grammar and style. New subtitles added and the order of topics has been changed from the publishing house.

This editing in this era does make me suspicious. Subtitles are helpful but I find it hard to believe a well-educated British man from the 1900’s making grammar and style errors. I also wonder about the order change. Certainly, the author understood logic, argumentation and rhetoric, which was standard education fare in the early 1900’s. However, Sophia Press is a reputable publisher and so many people reacted to this edition let’s compare the book at hand noting these reservations.

Interesting title changed, modify it, a particular audience, praying while you work original title

Pervasive in Bro Lawrence

50 yr Exorcist, false spiritual disconnect horoscopes wiji boards, false eastern mysticism

God is presence, enter into lived relationship with Him, the Now, profoundly beautiful, obvious with God.

Futureness passage of human life, no predestined future committed to. God gives freewill. Now is the hour. Now is the time to be living.

Profoundly beautiful, praying while work. Simple, attainable.

  1. Thesis Statement[1] “This brings us to the use of brief, spontaneous prayers and to the practice of the presence of God, which is what this book is all about.”
  2. Supporting Statements for TS

We find God in the moment we are in.

“Religion is God. [Tautology] Religion is recognizing God in His own setting. The setting is provided by Him,not by us. We find our vocation in God, not dreaming about God.

“Religion is God – not a hypothesis or a mode of self-expression, but God. Just as the Church is … Christ, so religion yielding to that Church, is yielding to Christ.”[2]

We find God in our Vocation in the Present moment. This and no other is the place of encounter.

Simple as saying I love you. Jesus prayers, His name is so profoundly beautiful, modern culture permitted His beautiful name used as a cuss word.

Jesus most enduring, name all of us saved. Teach children whisper piously name of the Lord. Guardian angels thrill to hear the name of Jesus on the lips of children. Should be equally

touching as mama.

[1] Zeller 8

[2] Zeller 13

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