Holy Housewives IV

“Unless the work attempts to oppose faith or morals, it may be assumed to be a work that is capable of promoting sanctity. It conduces to your perfection; it does not contradict it. Through it, and not in spite of it, you achieve your purpose of serving God perfectly. … It is always the present moment, the present duty that counts.”[1]

Consoling wants you at that moment sanctify your life and children through an awareness of God.

Presence of God consists of a prayer attitude. It is a gradual process which many use outside queues to recollect. The noon with the Angelus or my friends who use the number 11 associated with Our Lady. It is the brief pause which is important. I’ve know many men who keep a rosary or crucifix in their pocket and when tempted, put their hands in it, grasp it, and are thus steadied to be Christ like.

Recognition by Church human person body & spirit both nurtured. The Lord had a body and used mud to cure blindness. Work given to the Lord. Hear a bell, prayer, feel rosary moment of grace.

Material things physical reminder, blessed by Church, sacramental be tools of grace, be grace in a moment not there before.

Holy water, blessed salt, blessed objects more beautiful.

The setting aside of set moments of prayer provide the opportunity of setting “the duties of the moment under a prayer umbrella.” [ex/ Tech umbrella, Sovereign Kingship and Precious Blood]

Prayer is relationship, we don’t serve a distant God, introduced as Abba, daddy, longs for relationship with His children

Born of flesh & blood & spirit. God wants a relationship with Him.

Reminders of what God seeks with us.

Prayer is not a chore or obligation. Joy enter into His gates with praise.

Joy to greet our Father, long for not obligated. More childlike live to this lived presence of God, more joyful we can be.

Ex/ When children is coming home, dad is coming home, watch him come in, we should be with our heavenly Father, edge of seat almost time to morning offering. Eagerness.

[1] Zeller 15