Holy Housewives V

Thus, the soul then develops the attraction to God which the resolution of spontaneous prayer set into motion.

“It becomes habitual then for prayer words, rather than swear words, to spring from one’s lips.”[1]

Virtue is the habit of doing good.

VII. Practical Application

It becomes a matter then, of developing a system of prayer within the framework of your God-given duties. It will be your system of prayer- not necessarily anyone else’s. You will have to find a way of communicating with God by means of and not in spite of the calls upon your time and energy and patience.”[2]

Some people benefit from a regime of prayer from religious organizations. Frameworks change evolve over time. Attentiveness how does our prayer look today.

Give oneself grace. Not a test or challenge, rather a relationship. He will give it when asked. Sometime not when we think it should be.

He will grant heart desire.

Fr. Jacques Philippe lay person 5 minutes as many fruits and blessings as a monk who has 5 hours. God put us in our vocations.

Lord given us a different calling. Exponential multiplier.

#1 Ted & I considered the routine of our family, when were the times we were mostly together.

– Breakfast

– Dinner

– Night Prayer

– Driving

We used these times for catechesis, prayer in its variety, and memorization.

Dom Zeller includes a prayer list. Memorization of fundamental prayers is part of a Catholic ethos. It allows everyone to participate (can always give a prayer written for those unfamiliar). Of course, personal prayer is also important. And/ both.

Recently, we had a pop quiz on the Act of Contrition on Easter Sunday. Prayers memorized when young stay with a person.

[1] Zeller 30

[2] Zeller 26

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