Infancy Narratives: Matthew & Luke I

  1. Theologians vs Religious Studies- active living faith #5 DV
  2. Author is the HS who can never lie (#16 DV)

III. Men genuinely cooperate with the Holy Spirit, they are not robots i.e. automatic writing which is like the Ouija board experience, go into a trance and do not know what is being written. The experiences might be almost beyond their ability to describe but their freewill is not compromised. (DV #11)

  1. Truth, where there is a seeming problem with SS, a speed bump as I call them, an excellent time to enter into a deeper relationship with the Lord. If it causes on to go wobbly on doctrine, a temptation, then back away. Over time, I have found I really enjoy these moments. I have an opportunity to learn more about the Lord and it snaps me out of complacency.

Humble admit, this difficulty has been encountered it past 2000 yrs. Somebody already walked through these problems. Church divinely inspired, can’t teach error.

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