Interior Freedom II

  1. Exterior versus Interior Freedom

Exterior Freedom= the ability to move unencumbered. Not always under our control.

Interior freedom= a space within ourselves that no one can take away as God is its source and guarantee[1]

Inalienable right of our freedom

Viktor Frankl Man’s Search for Meaning, intersection of Fides et Ratio note the application of interior freedom in spite of outward imprisonment. Most holocaust writing is very dark and nihilistic. Frankl stands in sharp contrast to that common approach.

Viktor Frankl is the founder of logotherapy, (Gk logos meaning) a form of psychotherapy that he developed after surviving Nazi concentration camps in the 1940s. After his experience in the camps, he developed a theory that it is through a search for meaning and purpose in life that individuals can endure hardship and suffering. This perspective is not from a moral or theological understanding but one derived from phenomenology.

Phenomenology is an understanding of humanity formed from observing phenomena over a large range of people. Karol Wojtyla and Edith Stein studied under this perspective and incorporated it into their theology.

Lived experience, lives executed. Keen focus on what is left. Philippe realizes suffering provides moments of clarity. Pivot point reduced to smallest level, but interior self remains. Be yourself no matter where one is.

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