Interior Freedom III

  1. Thesis Statement: We gain possession of our interior freedom in exact (my emphasis mathematician) proportion to our growth in faith, hope, love.[1]
  2. Overview of Book 5 Chapters
  3. Freedom and Acceptance

-Accepting ourselves, suffering, and other people

  1. The Present Moment- To Love and to suffer has only one moment the present
  2. Dynamism of Faith, Hope and Love
  3. From Law to Grace: Love as a Free Gift- Where the Spirit rules there is freedom
  4. Spiritual Poverty and Freedom- Pride countered by relying on mercy alone, Truly free person has nothing left to lose

VII. Freedom & Acceptance

Why was humanity created- to be lords over creation.[2] Before the Fall, man exercised this lordship, greatness, as he grew in understanding and love of God. Freedom was ordered toward beatitude and our happiness. Man, freely loved God, his great good.

After the Fall, the disordered harmonies resulted. However, the thirst for happiness, freedom and love remained if not stained with concupiscence. Concupiscence is the inclination to sin within the heart of man.

JPII defines love as the sincere gift of self. Disinterested for gain of the giver.

Fr. Phillipe quickly dismisses false definitions of freedom. Note past shows where Sara & I point out the same.

Presumes nothing of the reader. Not pedantic just puts proper order of discussion. Act of mercy, man should not presume another knows something.


  1. Claiming autonomy or accepting dependence is how the author presents the choice. “True freedom is not what man attains on his own but rather is a free gift from God. The more one sees themselves as a child of a loving Father, and relies on His Providential care, seeking His Will, the more one experiences freedom.

Not rugged individualism ends despair suicide, Hemmingway. American mindset tainted by libertarianism. Licentious is not freedom. Freedom to choose the good. Don’t chose goodness not free. 2 paths good & evil, choose good.

Consumption nation not a free nation. Freedom not a plethora of choices. Choose evil innocent always suffer

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