Interior Freedom IV

  1. Outward freedom versus interior freedom

Returning to Frankl, he discovered his interior and true freedom was independent of external circumstances. We of course can and should remedy those painful restrictions as we are able. But there always comes a point when we can do more. If our freedom is determined by some other entity, some other boundary, then we will always be enslaved.

2020 lockdowns and abuses are a recent example. We should vigorously oppose illegal (i.e. unconstitutional actions) by those in power but there comes a point when nothing more can be done. We still have the choice to rely on the goodness of God’s Fatherly care and thereby retain our freedom.

Wake up call to people in America, how vulnerable external freedoms to totalitarian powers in addition to powers & principalities. Satan has bound himself and wants all to be bound. Exterior freedoms vulnerable to prince of the world

  1. Liberation or Suicide is the next error that Father considers.

Transhumanism is rampant in our society. Many thought leaders promote the idea if humanity can shed the shackles of our biology, our flesh, then man will be free. Gender choice or extreme sports are both cut from the same cloth. Hence the coupling of suicide to liberation. How many deaths and lifelong mutilations or injuries are a result of this false understanding of freedom found within ourselves founded on a loving relationship with God. This lack of love restricts our hearts and is the root of our lack of freedom. A lack of love is directly tied to a lack of faith and a lack of hope.[1]

Constant desire, Stoics opposed to body, led licentiousness debauchery body no exterior purpose and suicide. Not opposites, flip side of same coin.

Golden mean Aristotle, virtue is somewhere in the center of opposing virtues.

  1. Freedom in action: Choosing or consenting.

Freedom is measured by a large number of choices. This is okay if the choice is canned tomatoes. But indecision is also a choice with consequences. Many young people fear greatly making a lifelong commitment. However, time (old age or sickness) will make a choice and the ability to truly & freely live in notion of choice slips from the person.

Consenting to that what one did not chose is interior freedom. We consent to our own weaknesses, health, limitations not in a slothful manner but as a frank reality of our humanity. This is contra to transhumanism. I found myself profoundly grow in interior freedom during this past year though I was most definitely enslaved in a number of ways.

Can’t dig deep enough in well of despair that you cant find hope. Pandora’s box what is left s hope.

Greek intellect human can permit imagination, movement to hope, profound gift. Natural law Frankl & Greeks found this truth too.

Hope foundational to human person

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