Interior Freedom X

There is a hunger within people today of wanting to transcend their conscience. They see the deficiencies around them and thinking that Christianity is the Law, pursue Gnostic beliefs, Tarot cards and the like. I think they rightly perceive the trap of the Law but fail to understand the evolution of the human spirit Christ offers.

Satan offers counterfeit. Knows man be divinized as a free gift. Satan convinces man become divine under own powers. Building Tower of Babel again. Get to heaven on our own power.

The famous quote of Augustine, “Love then do what thou will” is put into proper context when a definition of love and freedom evidenced in the life of Christ. There is no other way, truth or life but Christ. Not ‘will to power’

Disingenuous to quote Augustine without defining his terms as he does.

Love is the cure to harm. Corinthians defines love. Security.

Man defines love and harm abounds.

XI Spiritual Poverty

Being and doing are often confused. Humans have infinite value not because of what one can do but who they are in themselves. A creation in the image and likeness of God.

What happens to the value of a person in his value if it is based on extrinsic qualities? The young athlete capable of great feats and do to an accident or illness is confined to a wheelchair? At some point, all of us will be in this very position of vulnerability.

The good we can do as opposed to being can often lead to pride. Confusion of self with talents makes one contemptuous of those who can’t. Reduction of interior freedom.

Spiritual poverty is the counter to this destructive confusion. Humility about what we are, children of God, and we possess nothing apart from God’s free, unmerited gift to us. Spiritual trials are a great aid in purifying ourselves of erroneous tendencies. Some theologians call this the dark night of the soul. Therese came to understand that God’s mercy is all through her own passion.

Crucifixion in its horror, how could man do something this cruel, sees the level Our Lord loves us to the end.

God willingness to suffer to the deepest abasement, man could not accuse Him.