Lectio Divina & Liturgy of the Hours: Episode 6

How to Cultivate a Catholic Family

Sacred Scripture, RCIA, catechetical, pride of place

Ecumenical Bible study not real thing

Catholic will miss the riches, Communion, Confession, Anointing of Sick, Blessed Mother, Purgatory

Not all have access to solid Catholic Bible study

Life of Scripture cultivated

Took a long time, pulling of weeds before

Divine Reading= Lectio Divina, should approach Scripture reading

Enhance Bible study

Process most tangible, teaching little girls, catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Student Marie Montessori, Sophia Cavalletti

Way to teach little children, natural matter, play is their work

Imagination & memory, in the Atrium small Scripture reading, beginning of the Hail Mary, Annunciation

Read it once, what did hear in the story, different response, angel, Mary, good news

Read again, quiet, once again more deeply, twice

Bring out 2 statues angel, Mary, little house, then act out the story

See what is going on

Atrium & lectio Divina

First thoughts, read again, deeper, then insert self into imagination. Not just surface reading, get into meat and marrow

Events that really happened use three Dimension objects, statues

But story of Good Shepherd, Jesus did not really carry a lamb on His shoulders, use two-dimensional character

Imaginative and natural world separated

Mothers cultivate that level of reading studies, then go to study a friend

Fall in love with Scripture before we study it

Rosary Scripture on beads, a few minutes focused on the events of Christ’s life, stay within imagination, place self in the event

Atheists, Satan knows better SS that we do. We don’t want that.

Personal encounter with Jesus & Who is the Church

Community of believers to help child understand, not Sola Scriptura, need someone to help me on tracks

Roots of flowers go so far back, GK Chesterton Democracy of the dead, laid down great body of wisdom

Don’t need to recreate something new. JC I make all things new. Just need to know Me.

Augustine thought so many times Romans, until one moment that SS became his friend. A life lived outside of Christ not worth living, in spite of world.

SS went from head to soul knowledge, not found necessary in Bible study but through it

Historical walk, Scott cassette tapes, distance learning in 1940-50’s,

Master’s course, Tim Gray, used Scott Hahn 1990’s, after conversion in heart

Taylor Marshall, not a lack of resources just a lack of will

Prior generations dependent on parish priest

Young mom, so many resources, like home schooling, pandora’s box, it is sufficient study the Bible, Church gracious Liturgy of the Hours, in song, rhyme, short messages

Liturgy of the Hours is an excellent place to start, short pieces, tailored to the rhythms of the day

Read the Gospels, the story, Jeff Cavin, Bible Timelines, easy gentle resources

Church Fathers online, perpetually astounded what is available, 15-20 yrs who had access to Benedict or the Summa, search simply, we are in a Graced Moment