Mystagogy Liturgy & Sacraments II

I will return to this point of ongoing Catechesis for the Catholic.

Liturgy is essential. Mystical body of Jesus is not a machine nor is it a book. Rather it is both human and divine (hypostatic union). The mystical body of Christ is a living organism, not a museum or an encyclopedia of facts. One can read about swimming, or one can get in the water and experience swimming. In a synergistic manner, the Liturgy and the Bible invite us to get into the water.

Liturgy= Greek laso, meaning people and ergon work, in general refers to public service. In the Christian tradition, it is the participation of the people of God in the redemptive work of God through the public worship of the Church. Sometimes the word liturgy is used as a synonym for the Mass. (CCC 1069-1070)[1]

  1. God is not the author of chaos. He is the Logos (word, plan, order, blueprint). Wisdom (Word) spoken to give order (material universe). We expect to find a systematic, organized body sufficiently organized to be ensouled. TA[2]

 God loves to make things what they are. The glory in the Forms.

Glory of God is man fully alive. Ireneaus Lyons

-Being convertible with truth. Being what God willed it to be is reality. Goal of mystagogy.

Not purely intellectual instructive. Not a Thing, static material, engaging with another person.

Ex/ Friendship over 25 years think first element of who one knew, superficialities, minute questions in the pre-catechumenate comes in. Initial introduction was not sufficient to a relationship of the person. Not even superficial but not sufficient. Strongly articulate not engaging with a building or history but more than that a living Being that over time become more enamored of. Our Lord has no failings or foibles, He becomes more beautiful.

[1] Ford 111

[2]  A well-articulated dissertation, “Thomas Aquinas and the Generation of the Embryo: Being Human before the Rational Soul” By Melissa Rovig Vanden Bout Peter Kreeft, Adviser Dec 2013,  extensive consideration of ensoulment, especially pg 182 ccf. See page 80 for a succinct reference to organization and ensoulment within the context of biology.