O Antiphons I

Liturgy is millennia old as teacher. Lex orandi lex credenti

Understanding versus comprehension

Not just head/ hear knowledge soul/heart knowledge

Body fed by sounds chant, soul engaged

Ex/ Spotify 10 yrs ago Benedictine monks hit. Did not know the words. Soul comprehends that head cant.

It is comprehensible though not expository.

Liturgy primary vehicle for evangelization.

Universality permitted with the Latin shared throughout the world.

Goodness to being able to understand. A loss horizontal versus verticality. Esoteric not sensible to human body lost in comprehension. Become bored with what understand. Mystery. Created for eternal existence. Our bodies cannot (mystery) cannot comprehend.

Augustine’s vision of the child trying to fill the hole with the ocean

Require grace of glorified mind to grasp it.

Sounds of prayers in chant in Latin, mystery, permits the mind to roam a bit while staying grounded.