O Antiphons II

  1. The Liturgy as Teacher. Use of Extraordinary Form as reference

The Liturgy is primarily a sacrifice, a re-presentation of Calvary. However, within the context of re-entering the process of learning and understanding is engaged. A statement of gathering within a Trinitarian greeting, a plea of forgiveness, the Gloria, the reading of the Sacred Texts, and the Profession of the Creed proceed and inform the penitent. In fact, Sacred Scripture’s Canon (order or rule) in the last analysis was judged on its suitability for liturgical worship. Even within the Consecration Prayers, mention of the great patriarchs of the Old Testament of Abel, Abraham, Melchesidek are moments of catechesis. Some students of the Latin Rite point to the faithful understanding of the faith and explicitly point to the Liturgy, especially the EO Liturgy, as the primary teacher of it.[1]

Craving Graces blog Laura, an Australian Catholic writer and history-lover. Converter in 2012 from Protestantism. I like her statement on the Latin Mass. Within the blog Laura goes into the aspects of silence, sacrifice, and feminine identity among other topics.

The Latin Mass is a gift for the entire Church, whether or not you’re a “Trad”. As Roman Catholics, it is our heritage. Even though I happily go to a Novus Ordo parish, I’ve learnt so much from attending the Latin Mass. Its riches can help us rediscover how to be silent before God, how to worship Him with reverence, and how to embrace our place in the Great Tradition. In short, the Latin Mass is a beautiful education for every Catholic in how to truly pray the Mass — and not just show up for it.[2]

In Sara’s experience, consistently past two years Latin Mass first time felt my daily, life as a mother, concerns of life, first time those not distractions from the Mass but an integrable part of the Mass for solving those problems authentic needs, priest taking care of the sacrifice. Life outside of Mass brought in its fullness to the Mass. Part of what I am doing at the Mass. Profound moment not distractions, this me, my life. Bring sufferings to the foot of the Cross. I am wife mother budget, children, relationships that is me. I bring all of me, not just the devote me. Very freeing.

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