Our Lady Fatima- The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart V

First Marian Apparition

May 13 1917 Sunday

Pope BXV WWI never seemed to end, people despairing

Queen of Peace interjected in the novena

Litany of Our Lady of Most Holy Eucharist

Cove of Peace (Cova da Iria)

Children heard thunder

All 3 children saw our Lady, Jacinta & Francisco could hear her, only Lucia spoke to Our Lady

First gentle words

Lady like glass, brilliant rays of color, sparkling glass, about 17 yrs

‘Don’t be afraid I will do you no harm.’

Lucia where are you from, what do you want of me?

Lucia, where are you from? Lady, “I am from heaven”.

Lucia asked about two young women who recently died and if they were in heaven. One was. The other who had died in immoral circumstances Our Lady said, “She will be in purgatory until the end of the world.”

Asked personal questions, and Our Lady graciously answers. Our Lord & Lady love in the particular.

heaven and purgatory are real

Our Lady asked the children a very important question, “Are you willing to offer yourselves to God and bear all the sufferings He wills to send you, as an act of reparation for the sins by which He is offended, and supplication for the conversion of sinners?”

Free will respected.

Return 13 each month at 6th hour

Offer to God and accept suffering

Children accepted been prepared by the Angel of Portugal

Our Lady said, “Then you are going to have much to suffer, but the grace of God will be your comfort.”

{not stoicism of Jordan Peterson without faith} grace turns suffering into redemption. Suffering is a great teacher to a willing student.

Great light came penetrates soul of children

Pray Eucharist Prayer kneeling infused into their hearts

Eucharistic Prayer

“O Most Holy Trinity, I adore you! My God, my God, I love You in the most Blessed Sacrament.”

Our Lady asked, “Pray Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world and the end of war.”

Repeated at all 6 apparitions

How little loved the Rosary is in the world. Protestant reformation difficult to teach truths of faith, not dispersed equally and equitably. One lost faith in the Eucharist, unlike the Great Schism of the East and West. Also the loss of the Blessed Mother to our protestant brothers and sisters.