Saints & Blesseds Vocations That Give Hope III

VII. Jesus, Mary, & Joseph[1]

St Joseph Matthew genealogy

Yes to angel in a dream. Freewill to Lords invitation. His Fiat, let it be done

Mat 1:18-24

Protoevangeliuem of James (not in canon because no evidence of use in Liturgy). High regard.

Mary vow of virginity. Joseph is a widower

Betrothal step before married. Joseph true husband. No secrets kept from Joseph, unworthy to be father of Messiah.

Messiah born of a virgin, remain a virgin, Joseph so manner of presence, she was not, preserve her reality divorce quality become Virginal Mother God.

Gabriel to Mary Annunciation, How can this be do not know man. Never Mary’s doubt, same not Joseph’s doubt.

How can this be? Luke intimate conversation with Mary.

Do not be afraid to take of Mary.

Reflection of humble spirit. Protector of family in a real way. Name at circumcision is declaration of being a real father.

Protector of the Church and me/family personally with Consecration[2].

The Annunciation to Joseph (Mat 1:18-25)

– Jesus Christ= personal name + royal title (Messiah king)

– 2 step marriage process in ancient Judaism= betrothal & “coming together”, legally married at betrothal stage

– Mary betrothed to Joseph but before coming together

– With child by the Holy Spirit, stoning for adultery, Roman ruled, divorce public trial standard practice at this time

-Joseph a righteous man in quandary what to do?

  1. Avoid shame, divorce her quietly, mercy & observing the law
  2. Even if non-consensual, Mary still unfit for marriage, again quietly dismissing her
  3. Reverential fear- Aquinas, Bernard, Basil, Ephraim, Mary told Joseph, holy fear, unworthy of honor

– Angel address highlighting Joseph royal lineage: take Mary as your wife (coming together), NAME him (legal heir, hereditary rights of David)

– he will save his people from their sins, who Jesus, how forgiveness

– Joshua, OT ‘Yahweh is salvation’

– Long awaited Messiah brining salvation to sin, bigger enemy than Herod or Rome

-Fulfillment quotations: demonstrating fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy appears 10 times

– Virgin will conceive, King Ahaz Is 7:14

– Fulfillment quotations highlights Jesus life prepared for by God and foreshadowed in Old Testament

– Emmanuel ‘God is with us’ God’s presence with his people

– Joseph first person to obey God’s commands, perfect obedience: 1. Took Mary 2. Named Jesus

– ‘Until she bore a son’ does not imply Joseph & Mary had relations after Jesus was born. This verse neither confirms nor contradicts Catholic doctrine of Mary’s perpetual virginity CCC 499-510

Mary was not an unwed mother, modernist notion, not married why divorce her? Sinister demean dimmish goodness of situation the way our Lord entered. No illegitimacy, pious holy worthy relationship.

Betrothal all things of marriage save residency.

Highest level of integrity, goodness, justice.

[1] Ferdinand Holbock, trans Michael J. Miller Married Saints and Blesseds Through the Centuries (Ignatius Press: San Francisco 2001) 29

[2] Donald H. Calloway, MIC, Consecration to St. Joseph, The Wonders of Our Spiritual Father (Marian Press: Stockbridge, MA 2021)