Saints & Blesseds Vocations That Give Hope VIII

When our Lord gives a command, its totally 100% for our own good and best interest. Open to children, be fruitful and multiply never abrogated.

On Dec 8, 1954 Marian Year on the 100th anniv of the dogma Immaculate Conception, she received an inner light in favor of her marrying. The bride and groom prepared themselves for their upcoming marriage by Confession & receiving Holy Communion. The book mentions a triduum of prayer but I was unsure of its meaning. Gianna had a beautiful wedding gown with the hopes of a son using it in his priestly vestments. (NB the difference to Zelie)

In their home from the beginning there was a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and daily recitation of the rosary, regardless of travel commitments.

Pietro asked his young wife to stay home but she refused. She practiced medicine until her death. She became pregnant quickly as they were (G) 33 yrs & (P) 43 yrs. They would have 4 children and 2 miscarriages within 6 ½ years of marriage.

All of her deliveries and pregnancies were difficult. Of the fourth pregnancy a dangerous cyst was discovered on her uterus. She fore went any treatment to save herself for fear of harming her fourth child.

Gianna, Pietro and loved ones prayed earnestly for her health and continuation of life. Gianna also made preparations for her children to be cared for by two of her sisters, a pharmacist and a professed sister.

Her death was especially hard on her husband but both said yes to the unfathomable will of God. She was transferred from the hospital to the room where she happily began her married life and died within 24 hrs.

To lay down life for a friend profound, more so for a mother towards her child. Mary would have willing done this for Christ had she been asked to do so.

Adultery was by stoning, accepted her death if willed.

Gianna dies 1968. Antithesis cusp on the demand of the child lay down life for the mother.

Beacon of light for this very reason. Precursor NY legalized in various countries. Devalued the woman, makes the woman the instrument of destruction of her own child.

Gianna is the true mother.

The official miracle required for Gianna’s beatification took place at the hospital founded by Gianna’s brother, Fr Alberto [in Brazil. This is the place where Gianna discerned being a medical missionary and where she would meet her future husband Pietro. ]

In 1977 a young protestant woman was in the hospital in Grajau, Brazil, dying shortly after giving birth to a still-born baby. An unforeseeable yet very serious complication had caused a vaginal abscess which was inoperable in that hospital requiring that the patient be transported to a specialized hospital in San Luis located more that 600 kilometers away. The young woman would never have survived the trip.

A nurse, Sister Bernardina di Manaus, a Capuchin sister, very concerned due to the painful situation of the patient, turned in prayer to Gianna Beretta Molla in order that, through her intercession, the dying mother be freed from her pain and the dramatic voyage to San Luis be avoided. Looking at a small photo of the Servant of God, she prayed “you who are the sister of Father Alberto (who founded the hospital), make this fistula heal and keep this woman from having to travel to Sao Luis…”.

Sister Bernardina invited two other nurses to unite themselves in this petition. Immediately, according to the testimony of the patient, her troubles did not only diminish, but they completely disappeared.

On April 11, 1978, Cardinal Giovanni Colombo and sixteen bishops of the Lombardy Episcopal Conference requested of Pope John Paul II the introduction of the cause of beatification of the Servant of God Gianna Beretta Molla. In their postulatory letter the bishops implored the glorification of this spouse and mother, describing her as “a model of a complete reality to this world prone to misconstrue and refute the right of life”.

The decree of heroicity of virtues was issued in July 1991 and in December 1992; the proclamation of validity of the miracle was issued.

God knows the need and supplies it before we need. Heroic virtue of a mother, what it truly means to be a mother. Many mothers have made recourse to her even with the same level of virtue. Heroic virtue is not willed. To have her as an intercessor while fighting for prolife.