Spring & Baptism High Expectations I

  1. Days Getting Longer & Warmer

  1. Decision for the Type of Garden Made, i.e., mine is an established raised bed, enriched soil, fitted with irrigation, mixture of flowers and vegetables. Roses. Plumerias in pots.

III. Location, location, location I planted a strawberry garden in San Diego as a novice alongside house. Great soil, water, and weather. Very little sunshine. Hostas would have been a better choice!

  1. Work begins- Removal of stones, weeds, roots. Hard. Need assistance. Build structures box, trellis, a boundary delineating between garden and yard.

Movement of the Holy Spirit, an act of the Intellect & Will to follow His promptings, this leads to the desire to be Baptized and to unpack this gift over time.

Potency & action, winter and spring. Goodness has to be brought into action. Garden dreams, goodness to dreams, if garden stays in the book, not engaging the hard work of removing rocks. God demands thoughts become actions taking into account our status of human beings.

Type of prayer to embrace, the Church is a banquet table much too chose from. What is your state in life and chose according. Grace builds on nature (TA).

God gives entire supply of grace that is necessary. Backyard also sufficient. Don’t swallow it whole, approach it piecemeal. Our Lord knows it is a process. Grow in humility, wisdom, other virtues. Baptism supplies everything necessary, but we are not complete. God gives us a share in bringing beautiful things from the earth.

First garden had to have a benefit to the table. Thoroughly enjoy watching the plants develop overtime. Cf Brother Lawrence, awe, bounty providence and power instilled by God in something so simple as a Sweet William or broccoli.

Soil complete all requires is the gardener.