Spring & Baptism High Expectations II

Novena, 30 days prayer to St. Joseph. Gardens evolve over time, so does prayer. Rediscovered in earnest the 7 Sorrowful Rosary of Mary. Such a nice addition during Lent. It

Determine the location of prayer (Bro Lawrence), home, chapel, outdoors. Location for access to Sacraments in your area.

Can I drive my car & pray the rosary? Yes.

Can I pray the rosary and drive the car? No.

Bro Lawrence prayer in kitchen was anchored by the oratory. Without oratory, eventually no prayer in the kitchen.

Human beings need something feet to concretely on ground.

TX Patriots, Election Integrity, our Father on knees.

Sundays and weekdays, NO kneel more often. Kneeling doing something other. Fr. Jacques Phillipe engage longer mediation, limitations of the body, be somewhat comfortable, not talking about a long stretch on knees. Time to time anchor, first moment putting self in presence of God, nothing like it kneeling. Mocked so viciously in sports. Body informing the mind of other.

In our American culture bodily expression. Ex/ priests bow. K dramas Asian bows. Kneeling unusual posture. Last gasp, romantic, man bending the knee asking in a wedding proposal.

Good anchor, persistence, diligence to extend the prayer. Bending the knee in the morning, bodily awareness giving over to the Lord. Long enough to make reverent sign of the Cross.