Spring & Baptism High Expectations III

Easiest place, get out of bed, prayer on the knees.

Removal of bad habits, friends, other influences. 3 sec rule for interior temptations to avoid discouragement.

Not chemicals, we are made up of them but are not them. Fear produces raised pulse, we have recollection, 3 sec, go from instinct to awareness. Mindless to presence of God.

A moment of pause in heated argument worth lifetime of regret.

Prayer of Authority, Invocation of Heavenly court as children of the Most High God,

Guardian angels assist us in discerning evil influences. The sad abduction and murder of 4 young people. One survivor said he felt it was a bad idea to go. I have often counseled my children better to look like a fool than dead.

Knowledge in state of grace enhanced not articulable. Cant express know something didn’t know before or inspiration before, only explained of working of grace in baptized.

Anchoring, spring garden first thing dig seed deep enough. Seed anchored solidly in fertile soil. Baptism first period of months don’t appear to feel anthing, little by little aware in state of grace, pious movements of soul. Bud break through the earth. May not know first plant, some point name the plant, better relationship with grace at that movement and look for tell tale signs. Not a miracle to anyone but you. Different types of grace and can recognize the different types of grace.

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