Spring & Baptism High Expectations IV

  1. Build up the soil bed. Composted manure, peat moss, vermiculite. This spring I found bags at Lowes already premade. Different plants need different spacing area needs to thrive.

Basic knowledge of the Faith. Credo. The Catholic Catechism, 2nd edition is an excellent place to start. It presents the 12 planks of the Apostle’s Creed in a narrative form. One year, the family read it in its entirety at the breakfast table. I will put the schedule we used in the addendum and prayer cenacle.

Ascension Press has a nice program. Perfect enemy of the good. Base understanding, get through it, be astounded. Whole family, little kids importance, seeds planted don’t know. Our denses deficient, grace supplies where lack, never know where the little seeds come back. Don’t need the perfect. Read the Creed, words simple, given to Apostles by Our Blessed Lord.

Embrace Latin mother tongue/soil on which the Church is built. Just like law and medicine, biology. Exorcists tell us repeatedly that Satan hates Latin. All of us can learn the most fundamental prayer in Latin, the Sign of the Cross. Under this banner we will triumph. Like Constantine.

Roots matter, from roots nourishment drawn up into the body. Vat II clear maintain priority of Latin, unfortunately not true in practice. Gregorian chant gift from older brothers. Sung Liturgy of hours, internet grace, find these prayers.

Baby understands intent from mother, intuit love, even if incomprehensible, but over time not only meaning of love, but then actual able to converse. Can come to a point spoken Latin, intellect can meditate on English.

Read in French hear in English, interpretation is like a prism, many ways. Spoken succinctly in primary language then meditate on in another is wonderful.

Latin anchor language of prayer. Language changes so rapidly. Latin anchors the prayers.

Our Father Lead us not into temptation, French changed it, enough nuance French people losing connection, in fact HS does lead us into temptation, HS lead Jesus into desert to be tempted, where virtue is developed. Behooves us with fast paced change, dig deep for the roots.

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