Spring & Baptism High Expectations V

Solid celebrations of the Sacraments. I remember when I first started studying Scripture seriously, I worried about both the translation and the presentation. A very wise older woman said, “The Lord wants you to know the truth more than you do”. Try to look for faithful sources and in time you will know what is good from bad. In the 90’s there were a lot of bad sources from those with many letters after their name. She was right.

Time is a great sifter of time, good and bad.

Cultivate good Catholic and spiritual friends. We need examples and fellowship. No man is an island. Assistance. Find holy and faithful priests. These holy people will mention something, model something that will spur a thought or action. Maybe there is a talk, bible study, retreat, gift shop. These are just a few of the many benefits I have had.

Saints- St. Patrick for Adults, Francis de Sales, St. Valentine, Marian Devotions & Apparitions (Fatima). They are a tremendous resource that come and go through the course of one’s life. Some are permanent in one’s life, others are more transitory. It is my opinion that devout Catholics cultivate a lively interest in hagiography.

Need cross pollination, bee necessary to blooms what they ought, some element. No man island, God is a communion of persons, no one is called to walk this path alone. Grace is sufficient, expansive, blows where it will. Goes out from Him and returns as it should.

Our Lady teaches us discernment, shadow of Annunciation, ponders what kid of greeting, Mary full of grace, does not presume on her self, pause and ask question, to test spirit speaking to her. Make certain messenger from God.

So many false gospels even within own Church, bishops in Germany, in decided error, many people due to these errors will cost their eternal salvation.

Look for sources, discern prudently, our Lady is our model. God made us to know goodness. When things don’t resonate, don’t fear saying no even if from a good hand.