Summer in the Garden I have been deceived! I

  1. Brief Review

Winter Deep Abiding Hope, see that which is not yet. Got to dream and imagine what if.

Spring High Expectations, planting is in, dreams turn to start of reality

Summer, at some point, the idea of being duped, that the effort is not worth it sets in. Where are those beautiful catalogue pictures I saw in winter?

In every major endeavor, a wall is hit. Running marathons, marriage, children, and to a lesser degree gardening.

Gardening gives one the space to think through solutions to similar larger problems. It is a minor plot line to one’s life. Quite frequently, the problems, solutions, joys and sorrows of gardening are mirrored in one’s vocation. By trying a solution on a minor problem, gives insight into solving larger ones.

Where is the garden I thought I was planning? Into summer we think we should get our joy. Forget by heat of summer. Duped more comical, more merciful teasing Father drawn into relationship with Him. He intends to keep promises with important lessons along the way.

Summer we learn more of the journey to work on.

In America, somewhat universal. Attributes ends to beginning. Wedding party is the end, dress, confirmation graduation from CCD, missing the point and project onto summer. Catalogues should be done.

Mistake ends for beginning, not invested in labor. A real look into self for fortitude, high expectations more work ahead during heat and wind storms. Maybe not ready for it.

Summer should be nice, theme I have been deceived.