Summer in the Garden I have been deceived! III

Now Summer, the hard work is at its peak. Must have Attention to many details or the prior efforts will crumble. Even if I manage insects, light, and staking if my water is inadequate failure is assured. And even if all angles are considered, there are no guarantee of success. Hail or mislabeled plants gourd vs summer squash). No prosperity gospel.

The Lord promised a cross, struggle, and persecution. Anyone who downplays this reality is preaching a false Gospel. It is not the entirety of the Gospel to be sure, but we should not be surprised by it either.

  1. Early Crops Producing, cherry and early variety tomatoes. Maybe a squash. Herbs such as dill. Flowers Foxglove and pansies. This gives joy and delight (cf Jeremiah)

III. Waiting on Other Crops it will take time for eggplants or corn.

III. Maintenance

Self-introspection. Nightly examination, monthly confession, retreats are helpful because spiritual challenges comes in many forms, much like gardening maintenance.

  1. Watering/ Baptism & Confirmation, by hand with a container or irrigation, it is serious matter
  2. Insects (snails, aphids, etc…) external temptations
  3. Fungus (blackspot on roses) external temptations
  4. Weeds Bad habits and unexpected trying situations, driving on the freeway with so many people from other countries not following the laws.

Fitting analogy, first initial blush of summer, rush into early fruits. Spiritual life, God is generous. A new motivation of grace, often times early consolations given so beautiful and motivating spur us onto hope and harder work.

Cherry tomatoes doesn’t need particular skill.

God gives early consolations, look back and sustain.

Cherry tomatoes abundant and used in many ways. To serve when not in production.

Remain immature, become jaded that it is hard. What is the disease and bug, need to be cautious, through it all away.

Moment black spot and bug is a mercy, something not right.

First indications to sin, rather than be discouraged move us into greater inquiry, what is the bug and disease, go to right sources.

I didn’t realize a tendency to speed, or lie when I arrive late, start to be aware, spiritual director or souce3. Nip this in the bud, end up with more prolific yield in the fall.

Bugs & disease are not good in them selves but they can spur us to greater goods.