Summer in the Garden I have been deceived! IV

VII. Pruning or training, keeping plants in their boundaries. Hard to cut off some small flowers capable of producing a fruit but it is the best interest of the whole plant. Practicing custody of eyes, avoiding near occasions of sins, staying in godly environment. What are your boundaries?

These adages become so unpopular. Stop bad habit before ingrained in us.

Objective ethics, only impactful for a people who believe in personal responsibility. Behavior reflection interior state of life.

Man behaved right become moral.

Told interior faults are actually virtues.

Why cut buds o it grown into window.

Not just become a product not to be pruned. Lot of things within person concupiscence grow deformed.

Art world destruction of art. Parade in front eyes, can’t say not beautiful. Objectively deformed. Accept the lie.

Reality modern man realistic epistemology and objective ethics. Humanity without love.

No want tree grow into house. Yet tells people good to want those vices. Backwards.

Those who can by mercy of God, recognize, maintain boundaries. Axioms value to interior person.

Happier if avoid near occasions of sin.

Seems cruel to keep roses in boundaries or crepe myrtle wreck roof.

VIII. Fertilize specific to plant. Yellow leaves too little iron? Eucharist, retreats, good books

IX Staking to protect from high winds. Times of adoration provide the support during high turbulence. Sickness, governmental lockdowns, unemployment, inflation.

X Light & Heat conditions. Need to know if native plant lived in rainforest and now struggling to live in TX heat. Angel Trumpet. Recognizing our limits. Some are called to go to places of temptations, but not all.

God is more capable supplying what we lack . We live here at His good pleasure. Planted exactly where He wanted. He is the Master gardener He foreseen needs we have. Grace given when necessary even if it appears insurmountable.

Life is tenacious. God made everything a desire to live. When will to live is gone. Many people are losing their will to live. Not the norm

Economy of Salvation

We need to be prepared keep hopeful in adversity