Summer in the Garden I have been deceived! V

XI Proper clothing and time of day matter. Habits & modest dress.

Put on armor of salvation, St. Paul.

Girding for task at hand. Recognizes but refuses to ascent. Mock only things that are importance but do not want to ascent.

“Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence”

Mocking authentic garbs.

Objective ethics, what is appropriate for the garden’s needs. Thorns at beginning of spring are different from those of July. Thorn demanded from you something more.

Life of grace, young do little wrong things, small white lies, but don’t nip lies early on, greater amount of fortitude, courage, and armor of salvation to rid the lying.

Summer in August San Antonio garden DNS, how beautiful the time physically still is. Sunny days, blooms, sunsets, early dew. Ur Lord seems darkness often times great amount of beauty around us. Lord cognizant of our need.

God is good all the time, seems worst is really best.

DNS seasonably in winter, not summer. Times of sorrow our God is shining brilliantly around.