The Angelic Realm: Why Lucifer Can’t be Forgiven But Man Can III

Guardian angels (Oct 2) = A heavenly sprit assigned by God to watch over each individual during life. The doctrine of angels is part of the Church’s constant Tradition, based on Sacred Scripture and the teaching of the Fathers of the Church. The role of the Guardian angel is both to guide the person to good thoughts, works and words, and to preserve him from evil. (Rom 8:38; Eph 3:10; 6:12; Col 1:16; 2:15; Acts 12:15)[1]

This term (from the French garder, meaning “to watch” or “to keep” and the Greek angelos, meaning messenger refers to the belief that angels are messengers from God to people on earth and that individual angels serve as guides and protectors for each person. CCC #336 (2nd edition)

Guardian have profound love for us. We give them honor by our good lives. Personal story of guardian angel intervening in a trip to Europe. Greg & Sara drove from Paris to Munich without road map. Note the serene confidence of assistance, humility, and humor. Ask, believe, and trust.

Angel Names, we do not have authority to name them. We can ask to have name revealed with humility. Let Him show it. Then submit to another’s discernment.

Sara thinks more prudent to not engage with this topic given danger of being misled by poor catechesis or the adversary. No barrier to relationship with guardian angel not knowing the name.

[1] Ibid pg 457

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