The Angelic Realm: Why Lucifer Can’t be Forgiven But Man Can V

State of grace, mantel of our Lady, Cloak of St. Joseph, adversary is legalistic, accuser, looks for opening.

Ex/ TV shows about vampires, zombies, cursing, dabbling with occult, yoga.

Demonic activity behind yoga, Satan recognizes it. Oppress is not possession, box in with bad choices.

Children literature of questionable, learn what it is, those drawing near to God, leave aside anything that is a barrier. Reorder life to God. Names with yoga, not generic exercise program, spirituality use positions from gods worshipped.

Why would want to? Not if I can? God, good laws Restrict least, permit the most.

Prudence, not in of themselves, moral neutral, what does it do, love multiplier, grace or love divider diabolos

Angels don’t sleep, creatures of now, eternity, use body against us. Fatigue, sorrow, fear. Demons hate with ferocity, prudent with choices.

Angels know that our time on earth is short, better than we do. Angels know that God’s Will for each soul is a personal path of peace and joy and love. It is unique to each person. My happiness is with His Will. I do not want anything that interferes with this understanding. By cautious and prudent.

Angels want us to know and see God, the source of all that is True, Good, Beautiful.

Expect great things of the angels for they draw near those who love. Angels are spirits of tested virtue[1]. We are never alone for our guardian angels are close at hand to help us to the Lord.

[1] Janice T. Connell, Angel Power (Ballantine Books: NY 1995) 26