The Angelic Realm: Why Lucifer Can’t be Forgiven But Man Can VIII

MTC (Sept 5+ feast day )1985 National Right to Life Convention October is Pro Life Month

Mother Teresa, as she was then known, spoke of the love that God has for each of us and for the unborn child:

And today, that little unborn child has become the target of destruction. Destroyed while destroying the beautiful image of God, the beautiful presence of God. For each one, every little unborn child is created in the image of God, is created for some greater things—to love and to be loved. That’s why abortion is such a terrible evil—a terrible destroyer of peace, of love, of unity, of joy. Anything that’s beautiful destroyed. Because the little one is not just a number, but somebody precious to God, somebody precious to you and to me.[1]

Excerpt from MTC acceptance of Nobel Peace 1979 prize clear witness to the elites “I feel the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion, because it is a direct war, a direct killing – direct murder by the mother herself. … Because if a mother can kill her own child – what is left for me to kill you and you kill me – there is nothing between.[2]

Prolife Issues elections, Satan only way to ‘hurt’ God by way of analogy is to attack those He loves.

Moments look back, road to hell paved with good intentions. No one participated abortion 50 yrs out 60M dead babies, America, ones we know about, plus those killed with the Pill disruption of embryo in womb, chemical abortions, euphemisms to make palatable. Incredible amount of destruction.

God is passionately, personally in love with Karen, Sara, you my dear friend. Literally passion, suffering, to the Cross. Teresa of Avia in her mystical writings points to this intense, personal, living of God and His dwelling within us, the Interior Castle. He is King, His home is a castle, within the heart of His children.

Satan knows better than we do as his intellect is superior to ours, though greatly deformed

Human Sacrifice has always been part of Satanic ritual, Satanic rule

“Essence of satanism,” according to Fulton Sheen, “destruction of God’s order, law, love, morality, ethics, religion anything pertaining to God.”

Abortion, the killing of the most innocent and vulnerable amongst us feeds the very marrow of Satanism.

This is not to say that every unfortunate mother who goes into PP to kill her child is possessed. Quite often, that woman is the most vulnerable and most alone. Well over 70% of women say they would never have killed their child if only someone, one, would have been there for them.

But, I mean very clearly to say, those that run Planned Parenthood, coupled by those who profit from the grisly business of abortion know quite well the evil and its connection it has.

When Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world if He were to bow down and worship Him. Our Blessed Lord does not deny that Satan could hand over the powers of the World. For a time, Satan does deliver on His promise of power to his followers. But it never lasts, nor is it a peaceful rule.

Reason why Mother Teresa MTC September 5 feast day could say, “Abortion is the greatest destroyer of peace.” Tie to Satanism, destruction of that tied to the Lord.

Workers in Planned Parenthood Abbey Johnson, clouding intellect, Bernard Nathanson 60M abortions, moment of grace, hell was possible for him, Someone can send Him there, moment of grace, Silent Scream, Satan capable of clouding intellect do evil call it good. Nominalism vs Scholastic. Creation has something of God’s essence not just because man says so.

Destroyer of peace in the world.  Interesting first time stand up for unborn, bring some peace to the Middle East. Profound connection. Israel & Arab nation recognize. Astounding.

3 Nobel Peace Nominations. Mother Teresa clear of connection. Prolife and Middle East peace.

Started no wars. Brought troops home.

Why it is impossible to be a Christian and to vote for a candidate that actively promotes abortion. Not all who say Lord, Lord will inherit the kingdom (part of the definition of Christian) but those who do the will of My Father.

Let us appeal to our angelic helpers who desires to help us to know and do the Lord’s will. When we fall, as we surely will as spiritual children, let us run to the arms of the Father, ask his pardon doing something Lucifer cannot do, and put His grace into practice. This is not being presumptuous but realistic knowing all the good we do come from Him who is goodness itself.

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