The Church An Extension of Jesus Through Space and Time I

  1. Confusion abounds amongst the Faithful due to the scandalous behavior of some of the Shepherds
  • vax centers and subsequent policies at parishes

  • some dioceses (CO) provide relief for conscience exemption, and some do not, San Antonio

  • some bishops have disbanded the Tridentine Mass in their diocese and others have not

  • the current Catechism contradicts prior ones, i.e. death penalty

  • the scandal of Pachamama and the beginning of the Covid Crisis (October 2019)

  1. Garden of Graces exists to cultivate a Catholic culture. In these next series of episodes, a definition of Church, and the corresponding (cult)ure which emerges. As with Christ, there are many dimensions to Him. So to the church, His body has many dimensions worth considering.

Consolation of family being domestic church, it is a safe harbor to us. Know with confidence bring in traditions enjoyed by brethren gone before us, consolation of the graces that come from those practices. Family is the seed of the Church and society, heart that Church beats with.

Church removed from us days of fasting, fast never forget the feast. Hunger for it. No fast, there is no hunger, no joy for the feast. We can restore those things in our home.

The Church- An Extension of Jesus Through Space and Time

A recent messianic Rabbi remarked on the keeping of Jewish feasts by Protestants. The feasts are not required under pain of sin but rather done as a desire to enter into a deeper relationship with both Yahweh and community. These feasts retell a story of Gods saving hand. Esther (nation rescued from Haman Purim, not Mosaic), Feast of Booths (Tabernacles) sojourn in the wilderness, or Passover is the type, paradigm, of all of God’s salvific acts. For a detailed reading of the feasts in the Bible see the footnote.[1]

Not merely done for sake of habit, literally, re-presenting history Jewish nation foresaw the Mass, all times & all peoples. Mass re-presentation of Calvary one time of all. The beautiful traditions that are lost not to create a false nostalgia, truth our Lord IS, not was or will be but I AM. Make God present today in our families in our world. When we lose the traditions lose the connectivity of our Lord to our now.

[1]  The seven feasts of the LORD and their observance became the central feature of the Jewish nation and faith. These feasts were also designed by the LORD to preserve and unify His people as His special treasure, for they were His peculiar people set apart from among all the nations of the earth. The seven feasts were based upon either a historical or religious aspect of the nation of Israel. They were memorials of certain events in the past and were also pictures or shadows of future saving events for Israel and all nations. They were to be observed every calendar year in their set times.  accessed September 13, 2021