The Church An Extension of Jesus Through Space and Time IV

Culture takes time to develop. Different locales with different needs give rise to different responses. Good families are similar but not identical to one another and the mosaic of good families gives glory to the Lord. The various apostolic rites about 2 dozen show forth this diversity of culture and including the Ordinariate Anglican Use. The culture is a fruit of the liturgy, and it is an excellent way to judge it.

God is light in Him there is no darkness, light in one but when refracted perfect spectrum of colors. We are here God see a reflection of Himself. Mary mirror of justice, magnifies the Lord.

We can see the wonder of oneness of God. More we become uniform, not unified, less like Christ, more like Satan. Satan is not united but demands uniformity. Nazis soldiers doing the goose step, hand up raised.

Two articles by One Peter Five (website) are considered in the discussion of restoring a Catholic Culture. A visual illustration of all the feast days by Enid Chadwick is in the Link below.[1] Peter Kwasniewski reprinted it, some thought poorly. I have not tracked down an in-print hardback copy despite various attempts. The link shows the pages discussed.

Loss of one lose them both.

1. The Forgotten Customs of Assumption Day[2] Matthew Plese[3]

A. Every feast has a preceding fast day, a vigil. It is hard to miss a day of celebration if one has taken the time to prepare for it.

B. Additionally, herbs are blessed illustrating the great harmony of catholic life between the created and the sacred worlds. A beautiful prayer of blessing is offered and it is best to have a priest publicly offer it.

This is a prudential call in my world of possibilities. Some things, I have a priest bless and some things we bless ourselves. However, that is not always feasible. The baptized are called to the threefold office of priest, prophet, and king and as such can bless children (holy water on foreheads) or items (home or office) within their purview.

Holy water always available to a Catholic. Great loss of tangible common things salt, oil, water in a Catholic home 365 days of the year.

Tragedy associate Holy water in font at Church or Baptism.

Cook with holy water and blessed salt, blessed oil. Eastern Catholics have guarded these customs. Agent of imparting the blessings and spread.

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