The Church An Extension of Jesus Through Space and Time V

And Candles too, digression, our Lord will not withhold blessings as He is so generous. Impartation of grace upon grace.

  1. The Forty Hours Devotion—which we oftenassociate with the days leading up to Ash Wednesday—were previously kept especially around Easter, Pentecost, Christmas Day, and Assumption Day.

On this, Father Weiser notes the following: Usually, the origin of the Forty Hours’ Devotion is ascribed to the city of Milan, where, in 1527, in a time of war and calamities, the faithful were invited to visit the exposed Blessed Sacrament four times a year and to pray to the Eucharistic Lord, imploring His mercy and help. The dates for this devotion, which was called Forty Hours’ Prayer, were Easter, Pentecost, Feast of the Assumption, and Christmas.[1]

2. Forgotten Customs of Our Lady’s Nativity by Matthew Plese[2]

One of three birthdays celebrated (Jesus Christ & John the Baptist) as well as their departure (Good Friday, Assumption, Beheading of JtB)

Beginning of fall, blessing of summer harvest, and fall planting seeds, Garden of Graces rich imagery

French Wine growers called this feast “Our Lady of the Grape harvest”

Festive meal including new grapes and donation to the poor in honor of Our Lady’s Nativity

The idea is to strengthen our relationship with the Lord, and with our rich community both dead and alive. We come into agreement with our forebearers faith and bring it into the present. Satan attacks the ties of unity with vengeance because the of the power it holds.

Father creates a patrimony, hands on through the mother to the child when working in unity a beauty to behold.

Vat II time frame rupture of generation spurned gift of the father. Their children doing the same to them.

Union of trust between fathers and sons, peace and blessings. Children curse their parents now in many places.

Ancestor worship in Asian cultures first thing Communists destroyed that. Filial ties to parents cannot be controlled.

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